Free Envelopes

I got a box of envelopes from my father-in-law the other day that he was going to throw out. My husband snagged the box and brought it to me and told me he thought maybe I could use them. These are 3 3/4 x 6 3/4 or so – I linked in the measurement to something very similar. I was thinking how I could use them and found that I could fit a perfect little note card in there using some folded DSP. Since I just did a card buffet using up as much DSP as I could, I still have all those papers out.

I cut a piece of DSP into fourths, 6×6 and it fits quite nicely into this envelope. So I cut a piece of white card stock at 5 1/2 x 2 1/2 to go inside so there is a place to write a note. These are very cute, very easy to make and can be as simple as you want. I have some paper that I may not put anything on the front because it’s just beautiful on it’s own. I love this project because I get to use more DSP (stop hoarding the paper!) and save and use some envelopes that may have been trashed.

Make a few of these little notes to give to your teacher, Faith Formation teacher, neighbors, mail carrier, hair stylist – anyone that could use a small gift. Or write a generic message inside, something like “Just wanted to share a smile! Have a great day!” and pass them out to everyone – leave it with a tip at a restaurant (next time you can actually go into one), cashier at the grocery store because they are dealing with a lot of people and emotions right now, anyone that may need a little lift. Enjoy making some fun sized cards!

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