April Club Projects

This month, I was challenged to teach my group a fun fold card. That was a challenge to find a fun fold I could video for them in under 15 minutes. Since I’ve moved our club meetings to online, and started making videos for them, I have made the choice not to have my videos be longer than 15 minutes, without editing. So far, I am still very new to the video making process and have not delved into editing. So, the easiest thing to do is don’t make a mistake! HA! Truthfully, if I do (and I often do in our real class, too) I just tell them, “Oops!” and fix it. I think it helps to see that I am not perfect and do not always get the projects done the right way the first time – so it’s okay if they don’t.

Our first card we made for Easter and we did the double-Z fold. This is a simple fold and you don’t need to measure to score. Cut your card stock 4 1/4 x 11 and fold in half (like always) and then, fold the top flap back in half, so the edge meets the center fold. Do the same thing with the strip that makes the center Z fold – that’s it. No measurements needed.

The only “trick” for this card so the crosses are stacked when the card is closed is gluing them in the right order. Start with the far, right cross and glue it down. Then, put glue on the back of the ornate cross die, then lay it FACE DOWN, with the glue facing up, on top of the first cross. Then, close the card, and press the adhesive. Open the card carefully and allow the glue to dry. Then close the card again, and stack the third cross on top and glue in place as usual. I stamped the long floral image twice on each layer, making two rows of the image.

The versions below are the first card I made with this idea. I thought the crosses were a little too small. The next one is the stepped up version and took quite a bit of coloring but I loved it. This is the one my mom got this year. *heart*

The second project we made was a Double Slider Card. There are tons of tutorials online, but until you make it, the card seems difficult. In reality, it’s not difficult at all – you just need to make sure you align the card correctly when you go to close it up.

The first card using the pink and grey paper was my sample I used to help them create on the video. The second card, the blue and grey, is the card they made because I wanted them to use the gorgeous Parisian DSP.

Let me know which one is your favorite. Do you like the simpler version of the Easter card or the stepped up version?

Hope you have fun recreating these beauties – please let me know if you make one!

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